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Larry Zappa "He who goes to bed with stiff problem wakes up in morning with solution in hand". "He who farts in church must sit in his own pew"
SJT63 And this time we do not have a winner - we'll give him a spell now.
QuietMouse01 Another heatwave next week, upto 30c....
Gorgo Became Grandparents for the 10th time today a little girl 10lbs 2oz.another one we can spoil
Chameleon Happy Summer Solstice!
Aida All that is required of anybody is decency: everything good flows from that - and evil from its absence.
Andyrooo Am here to make new friends
kilerbee 67
keptafew A dear friend of mine that would consume my evenings chatting has moved out west to be close to her grandchildren, so I am now looking for an alternative source of companionship online. My hobbies include the outdoors and fishing.
EnglishInJapan coffee
Atlas New day new me.
SingingSiren I need lots of encouragement and positivity in my life. Thank you!
Tulia might be coming up to summer as we have brilliant sunshine

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