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Karmayogi Excited to be here and make new friends learn cultures & share experiences.
willie alone due to virus have limited social life available
marialet Hi all! I am 55 years old, I am from Ecuador (South America), I appreciate good talks as long as these talks are with respect. I am not looking for people with cute and perfect faces or bodies to be my friends, i am not a top model ei, i prefer a man who is human, natural and honest: a real person.
ElizaK Meaning to meaningless
AngelButterfly ✿✿✿​BE*HAPPY*BE*LUVED*BE*KIND ✿✿✿
Tiggs Power tools! Wielded a drill with a hole saw & connected up another water butt. Now praying/doing a dance for rain.
whitefawn57 I am interested in making new friends from different parts the USA. I am in the process of starting over. Alienating any and all negativity. Basically wanting to know about the different areas of the country. What do you like and dislike where you live, cost of living, weather, scenery ect.
Tubbytickles6 Why can't people respect one anothers point of view, or different opinions, regardless of race, creed etc. A world of love is out there xxxx
HarleyD yesssss, it's raining!!!
William 58 BASEBALLll! 60 Game Season Schedule SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Home Opener: Tuesday July 28th vs San Diego Padres MILWAUKEE BREWERS Home Opener: Friday July 31st vs St. Louis Cardinals Did I mention I LOVE Baseball?
Gem5 'Be among the few who dare to follow their dreams'
Rsvp1956 Life after separation Finding Joy in simple acts of kindness Making living less complicated
Petitefleur63 August 10th. A beautiful late summer day. Feeling very anxious and stressed to really appreciate it. COVID19 cases are increasing here, no one knows if there will be restrictions enforced again. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.
Matt It's being so crazy that's kept me from going insane.

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