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Faye Della Music, art, crafts, and finding enjoyment in advanced years living.
Clytie Cly as in Fly not Cli as in Flit, Clytie was a water nymph, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys in Greek mythology. She fell in love with the sun god Helios or Apollo (discrepancy on which one it was) and he dumped her for Leucothea, none of it turned out well, there's a lesson in there girls.
Gem5 " Be among the few who dare to follow their dreams.."
Carry God bless
QuietMouse01 Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened...
Brummy Pete Getting angry and annoyed at the idiotic people who are ignoring the lockdown
Dove Stay Home.Stay Safe. Protect the NHS
Megan2021 Living one day at a Time!
Landyman " Life is like a box of chocolates " Maybe that's why Ive got diabetes !
Englishtea Pleased with finding a really great chat forum! And apparently a lot of Brits here too! Definitely my cup of tea! Taking some time to check out all the features and options. Looking forward to chatting and making friends.
Robert4477 I am a retired pilot who has allot of time on his hand and loves to chat about life, marriage, travel and issues of aging. Perhaps a touch of philosophy.
Minnesota Mike I'm new -- when I figure out what "buzzing about" means, I will update this! LOL
Mila A smile is the cheapest way to look good :-)
Summerof69 lovely sunny day

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    • Echo Whiskey's Avatar
    • Hello from Texas
    • Muchos gracias to my fellow Texans for your warm welcome. This is a good example of just how big the state is. Jsue,...
    • JUJO's Avatar
    • Hi!
    • Welcome to Buzz
    • Minnesota Mike's Avatar
    • Hi!
    • Hi Harmony. Chatting is like riding a bicycle -- you never really forget how! :laugh:
    • Minnesota Mike's Avatar
    • Hey there
    • "The Berkshires looked dreamlike on account of the frostin...." Welcome to the site!
    • Minnesota Mike's Avatar
    • New to Buzz
    • Hi Autumn. I joined a little over a week ago. Nice to meet you.
    • Minnesota Mike's Avatar
    • Hello to All
    • Welcome! I have only been here a short time, but I am finding it pretty easy to learn how to navigate the site....

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    • chorderlite's Avatar
    • We'll meet again...
    • We'll meet again. According to BoJo's government maybe, if we behave ourselves in April. Lots of very special birthdays...
    • Back again's Avatar
    • Just had a lovely chat with SP1952. Lets keep chatting to each other, unfortunately I Don have many email addresses