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River Fox I live on a Boat.... About 15,000 people are thought to live afloat in the UK. They are found throughout the canals, rivers and coasts, in cities, in the countryside and in harbours. Some cruise continuously, some are permanently moored while others mix cruising and mooring to suit themselves.
John nothing at the moment
Advocate4Angels Autumn is here and winter will be here before we know it. I want to wish all of you good health throughout the holiday season! Stay in touch with old friends and see your loved ones whenever possible!!!
Buttercup My life, my choices
Roadie808 Exercise can really fill the void of being alone. Thankful I have beautiful beaches to walk.
altshovel “in the long run the practice of solidarity proves much more advantageous to the species than the development of individuals endowed with predatory inclinations.” ― Pyotr Kropotkin
BarberMiss Hi Friends..sorry I have not chatted in a while. I have been in the Hospital with Covid & pneumonia since the 8th of Sept. I'm so glad to be home now!
Rosie 2 UK I have been away from Buzz for awhile ,,hope everyone is well and doing ok .xx..
Flame61 Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever - Gandhi
WinterMoon Having a hard time getting over this "cave syndrome" and the isolation of life during a pandemic, but I'm also eager to connect with other humans again.
Serena77 None so blind as those that will not see. proverb You will never be able to make some understand or accept something if they are too stubborn or unwilling to learn or notice. You can present facts and try to reason with him all you want, but his mind is made up.
Reenie Never judge a book by its cover as they say
wintergal When will this virus pleeeeese go away?
lukalu Do what makes your soul happy.

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