The Buzz50 Senior Chat rooms are accessible from nearly all devices that can connect to the internet including:

  • PCs
  • Apple Macs
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Android phones and Tablets

There is also an App for iPhones and Android. 

The Buzz50 senior chat rooms are intended for chatters who are seniors over 50.

Most of the chat is text (typing) but some rooms do optionally have webcam video chat.

You need to be a logged in registered Buzz50 member to use the chat rooms. Joining and registering is free of charge.

You can change your own font colour, size and the actual font as well.

Click the T at the bottom left of the chat room and choose the settings that you would like.

You can try these out in the 'Test and Help Chat Room' first if you like, click this link to go in to it now or find it in the column on the left here at the bottom.

There are many Buzz50 senior chat rooms and you can move between them quite easily.

When you are in a senior chat room you will see a two tabs on the far right to the side of the people list.

The top tab is the list of people and count of who is in the room that you are currently in.

Click the tab directly underneath it and you will see a list of rooms with the number of chaters in them in brackets.

There are times that you may like to have a personal one to one chat in the Buzz50 senior chat rooms and this is quite easy to do.

Click the name in the names list in the right column and you will see a menu pop up.

Select 'Private chat' from the menu, type a sentence, press enter or sent and the other chatter will get a message telling him or her that you want to chat.

You can change your avatar in the seniors chat rooms to either a stock one or one uploaded from your own computer.

This gives a way or personalising your experience and a good way to identify yourself to others.

You can buy chat room credits which can then be used to send virtual gifts and buy upgrades.

$1 buys you 1,000 credits $5 gets 5,000 and $10 gets you 10,000. These charges are automatically converted to your own currency as you buy.

You can send virtual gifts in the chat rooms which can be a great way of letting other chatters know what you think of them.

virtual gifts are paid for with chat room credits which can be received from other chatters sending you gifts, prizes and awards from the Buzz50 site and you can even buy them if you like.

To send a virtual gift to another chatter:

The Buzz50 chat rooms are intended to be a friendly place where a whole range of different characters can chat in comfort and safety.

We do not tolerate bad behaviour or nad language in our senior chat rooms; we are all over 50 here and should know better.

If you have any problems in any of the senior chat rooms for over 50s then use the Report menu item at the top of the page or message one of the admins.

There are some people that have difficulty getting into the Buzz50 chat rooms at all so here are a few tips.

You must be logged into the main Buzz50 site before trying to get into the chat rooms. Once you have done this then try the room links on the menu to the left of this article.