We have around 30 new members joining here on Buzz50 every day from all around the world and sadly, a very small minority of them are solely here for bad reasons.
The most common of these is what are known as ‘Romance Scammers’,

people who attempt to befriend others and then gain financially from them. This article should help you to spot them, avoid them and report them to the Buzz50 site admins so that we can boot them and safeguard and warn others.

Warning signs:

  • They say nice things about you when they don’t even know you
  • They include an email address or other contact method within their first few messages
  • Their profile seems too good to be true
  • They have a ‘sob story’
  • Their English or grammar is bad
  • They offer you money or some sort of financial incentive
  • Their avatar, profile image is amazing!

The first thing to do is to report you suspicions immediately using the REPORT menu item which is at the top right of every single page here on Buzz50 when you are logged in. We will never tell the person that you are reporting who has reported them and in most cases don’t even need to  tell them that they have been reported as we can usually find out enough to ban them without warning.

Report menu item:


And then you will see this:

Don’t hesitate if you are unsure; we will investigate and are quite happy to have reports even when you are unsure. Better safe than sorry!

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