It is good to have friends!

You can make friends 'Connections' here on Buzz50, have them listed on your profile wall and then even chat directly to them and maybe limit your profile just to friends.

  1. Find the friend that you want to request a frienship connection with and visit their profile page
  2. Point at the 'Friends' menu item just above their photo
  3. Click on the 'Request Friends Connection' item in the drop-down menu
  4. Type a message if you like. This is optional but it is also a good idea to tell the Buzzer why you want to be connected.
  5.  A 'Friendship Pending Acceptance' message will appear, click 'OK'
  6. The Buzzer you have chosen will get a personal message telling them of your request along with any message that you added like this:
  7. You have a pending connection from miketester!

    NOTE: This is a message generated automatically by the Connections system. It has the connecting user's address, so you can conveniently reply if you wish to miketester is requesting to connect with you as a friend and requires your approval. Please accept or deny the connection request accordingly. miketester included the following personal message:

    Want to be friends Mike?

    Manage Friends

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