One of the first things that you are likely to want to do is to edit your own profile page. You might want to browse the profiles of others before you do this to get an idea of what can be done. A good place to start is by clicking on the 'Recently Updated Profiles' menu item in the left column.

Once you are ready to edit your own page, click on the 'My Profile Page' link in the left column or on the 'Buzz Profiles' menu item in the menu at the very top of every page here on Buzz50.

Most of the details on your profile page can be edited live on the page, you do not need to click the 'Edit' menu item at all for these.

Point your mouse pointer at the area you want to edit, to the right of its description, for example 'A little about me' and click.

You should now be able to edit this area and then click the 'Update' button when you are finished.

That's it!

Some things can only be edited in the editor area which can be reached from the 'Edit' drop down menu above your photo (Avatar).

How to update your profile page video

If you click the symbol at the bottom right of the video you can watch it in full screen. Click it again to come back here.

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