You may want to get involved in all the areas of our site or just some

Social pages and find friends networking over 50

  • This is the heart of our community site and allows over 50 social networking with members from around the world. Social networking for seniors is a huge growth area on the internet.
  • You fill in as little or as much of your profile as you wish and can add to or change it at any time.
  • It is a good idea to upload a profile photo either of yourself or something that you would like to be identified with.
  • You can make friends and have them 'connected' to your profile.
  • Click 'My Profile' on the top menu bar to see yours now.
  • Click the photo or name of any member to be taken straight to their profile page.

Live senior chat rooms

  • Many members join Buzz50 because of our lively and busy over 50 chat rooms for seniors only.
  • The senior chat rooms are live, as you type others see your message and can respond.

Discussion forums for seniors over 50

  • The senior forums section allows you to read and comment on a wide range of topics.
  • You can start your own topics if you wish.
  • Over 50 forums ar a great way to air your views and give your opinions.

Private Messages 

  • Often referred to as PMs these are private messages sent between Buzzers
  • You can send a pm to any Buzzer 
  • If you have received a PM which you have not read than a few words of it and the sender's name will appear in the header of the site, top right, under your profile image.