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Discuss, debate and exchange opinions on issues that are of a serious nature.
3414 Topics 117k Replies Tippy's Avatar
Re: Jussie Smollett: despicable!
by Tippy
4 minutes ago
Less serious topics and relaxing chat
9436 Topics 252k Replies Tippy's Avatar
Fun and frivolous topics for us to enjoy
3119 Topics 67.6k Replies Keeper's Avatar
by Keeper
5 hours 40 minutes ago
Jokes, funny pictures, videos and stories
767 Topics 29.7k Replies Shadowman's Avatar
Re: Miscellaneous Jokes Welcome
by Shadowman
1 hour 27 minutes ago
New to Buzz50? Post a message here. An existing member? Please welcome newcomers!
1243 Topics 10.1k Replies MondayOptimist's Avatar
Re: Kind of New
by MondayOptimist
1 day 22 hours ago
Started just before Christmas 2014 as part of Buzz50's Banish Loneliness Campaign for Seniors over 50. Still going strong in 2017!
This category is for talk about loneliness and how to tackle it. Can you can help in our campaign?
70 Topics 3953 Replies Corvette's Avatar
Re: Are there any men who just want to talk?
by Corvette
1 day 8 hours ago
Online safety is really important and this category is devoted to our safety both online and in particular here on Buzz50
143 Topics 1463 Replies Ivorbigwedge's Avatar
Re: Are we really that gullible........
by Ivorbigwedge
15 hours 32 minutes ago
All threads relating to our teenage and childhood years
142 Topics 2895 Replies Aries1950's Avatar
Re: Electro the Smoking Robot
by Aries1950
1 day 5 hours ago
Buzz announcements, site development, new competitions, events and quizzes.
63 Topics 1778 Replies Pats's Avatar
Over 80? Join us in here
36 Topics 753 Replies JUJO's Avatar
Many of us are carers now and so this category is for carers to share their thoughts and experiences
53 Topics 1167 Replies JUJO's Avatar
283 Topics 10.5k Replies Shadowman's Avatar
Chat about the Chat Rooms. We have the best chat rooms for over 50s seniors on the internet and now with free video chat
65 Topics 1379 Replies Rsvp1956's Avatar
Re: Are you overwhelmed in chat rooms?
by Rsvp1956
7 hours 59 minutes ago


The Famous Face will be pixellated or disguised in some way and made clearer until it is guessed!
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Re: All New ' Celebs in a Twirl'
by tomtwodogs
1 week 5 days ago
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Re: Interactive Quiz to discover where you're from....
by eleramune
3 hours 54 minutes ago
Do start Word Games in here - or any others you would like to
108 Topics 438k Replies MrsMop's Avatar
Re: Name 10
by MrsMop
1 hour 24 minutes ago
If there is no specific section for a game you would like to post, you can post in this section.
Caption This Picture (44 topics) Any Ideas? (7 topics) Puzzle games (113 topics) Create A Story (1 topics)
377 Topics 41.4k Replies norm1035's Avatar
Re: First word that comes to your mind
by norm1035
2 hours ago
579 Topics 3758 Replies Emmanuelle's Avatar
University of Ottawa Research Project
by Emmanuelle
2 hours 17 minutes ago
106 Topics 2891 Replies Aries1950's Avatar
Re: Hair
by Aries1950
1 day 16 hours ago

Social Networking for Seniors Forum

This forum area is for those Buzzers who are interested in Social Networking whatever your marital status may be.
Buzz50 is about making friends on all levels around the world.
This category is closely linked with the social pages and is for Buzzers who want to make friends with others.
11 Topics 232 Replies oldermale61's Avatar
Re: Anyone From the US on the East coast
by oldermale61
1 month 1 week ago
3 Topics 32 Replies norm1035's Avatar
Re: Online dating - For Winners or Losers?
by norm1035
1 week 5 hours ago
Please announce the meet you would like to organize by city, town or area.
111 Topics 2772 Replies SP1952's Avatar
Many Buzzers are also members of Facebook and so this category is for us to share thoughts and ideas.
14 Topics 264 Replies Libby's Avatar
Re: are you a fan of face book
by Libby
1 week 2 days ago
Tell us where you live and a little or a lot about it!
Stories - Famous people - Photos - Food - etc, etc!
58 Topics 238 Replies man of kent's Avatar
Kent. UK
by man of kent
5 days 14 hours ago
Say hello when you log in or log off.
1 Topics 337 Replies Sharkey's Avatar
Re: Good Morning Afternoon or Evening
by Sharkey
16 hours 48 minutes ago
Do share pictures and stories of your pets here!
263 Topics 2857 Replies yrral32's Avatar
Any discussion about food and restaurants can go here. Please also share your favourite recipes.
109 Topics 1056 Replies Topsy's Avatar
Re: Woolworths 1930s Menu
by Topsy
13 hours 36 minutes ago
This category is not open for debate nor negative discussion but for the enjoyment of members that are believers.
Musical Ministries (1 topics)
58 Topics 497 Replies Frankie's Avatar
Re: O Lord God Almighty
by Frankie
2 days 22 hours ago
General Computing (102 topics) Problems & Help (182 topics)
704 Topics 3061 Replies Maryjoolz's Avatar
Re: Outlook
by Maryjoolz
4 days 11 hours ago
This section is for us to share our online shopping ideas and experiences.
26 Topics 361 Replies ALON's Avatar
Re: What have you bought online?
4 days 3 hours ago
220 Topics 1927 Replies Sharkey's Avatar
Re: Problems since last update done
by Sharkey
4 hours 26 minutes ago
Please add any suggestions you would have regarding Buzz50 here !
29 Topics 668 Replies kedro's Avatar
Re: Wrong Forum Category
by kedro
2 weeks 8 hours ago
Have you got something good to say about our site?
Say it here and it may well show up on the new 'About Us' page.
Please start a new topic for each comment.
Something bad to say? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :)
82 Topics 26 Replies Frankie's Avatar
I dont think Ive known a site like Buzz50
by Frankie
3 months 4 weeks ago

LEISURE (Hobbies, Photography, Books, TV/Movies, Crafts, etc..)

Hobbies and pastimes of all sorts in here - Ask to have yours added if it isn't already here
Photography Discussion (37 topics) Members Own Photos (799 topics) Photo Competitions (12 topics)
908 Topics 13.9k Replies ScampsMum's Avatar
by ScampsMum
4 hours 3 minutes ago
Antiques & Collectibles (No topics) Crafts and Arts (25 topics) Gardening (210 topics) Genealogy (9 topics) Sports (297 topics) Cars, Bikes & Airplanes (50 topics) Other Hobbies and Interests (51 topics) D.I.Y. (26 topics)
688 Topics 10.7k Replies Sirfurryanimal's Avatar
Re: Crowds mixed in rugby, separated for football matches
by Sirfurryanimal
5 hours 54 minutes ago
Chat in here about films and TV shows
647 Topics 5261 Replies Vegemite Kid's Avatar
Re: saw 50 shades last night on telly
by Vegemite Kid
2 hours 37 minutes ago
Favourite Authors (11 topics) Favourite Books (18 topics)
69 Topics 782 Replies JUJO's Avatar
Re: Books we have read or want to read.
4 days 17 hours ago
Stories (55 topics) Poetry by Buzzers (453 topics) Poetry Competitions (3 topics) Sayings and Proverbs (42 topics)
580 Topics 4992 Replies Sirfurryanimal's Avatar
Re: Ten word Stories
by Sirfurryanimal
14 hours 35 minutes ago


Useful Music Sites (1 topics) Modern and Pop / Chill-Out (11 topics) Classical (5 topics) Country (4 topics) Musical Memories (30 topics)
80 Topics 28.6k Replies Sharkey's Avatar
Re: What are you listening to now.
by Sharkey
4 hours 48 minutes ago
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