Group of seniors social networking
Play The Buzz50 Slot Machine

Buzz50 Slots is a traditional slot machine game but with a lot of differences just for our site.
One of the many fun things about the Buzz50 Slots is that the reel images can change depending on what is going on at Buzz50 at the time!
There will also be 'Special Features' which will be announced from time to time.


Group of seniors social networking
Play The Buzz50 BlackJack Game

The Buzz50 BlackJack game is a version of the traditional '21' game but made just for our site.
Can you work out a system to beat the dealer?
Card games go back hundreds of years and BlackJack is one of the originals!


Group of seniors social networking
Not suitable for iPads or smartphones - sorry!
The Buzz50 Arcade Games are a collection of old favourites including Snake, Simon, Space Invaders and Mahjongg.
Each game that you play will cost you 10 Buzzer Points which go towards helping with the upkeep of our free site!
You don't win anything with these games but they are a great way to while away an hour or two!