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There is also a free '123 Flash Chat' seniors App for phones and tablets ID 1303

The all new Buzz50 Seniors Chat Rooms - made just for us over 50s Seniors*

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Chat Rooms for PCs, Tablets, Phones and iPads

ALL chats, public and private are logged and viewable by admins and the chat providers, 123 Flash Chat

The Buzz50 over 50s seniors chat room is an HTML5 browser based system that works on all devices that have internet including iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets, PCs, in fact any device with an Internet browser.

The desktop versions also allow video chat in all rooms apart from the entrance Lounge.

The App

This is an App which can be downloaded for mobile phones and tablets.

Buzz50 has the best over 50s seniors chat rooms anywhere on the internet and nobody has disputed this fact!

Download the 123 Flash Chat App FREE from the Google Chrome Store or iPhone  App Store. 

The Buzz50 app ID is 1303. You will need to also enter your Buzz50 username and password of course.

Android users also need to install Adobe Air from the App store. This needs to be installed first as an App from the App store, not in a browser.

About the Buzz50 seniors over 50s chat rooms

The chat rooms are designed especially for seniors over 50 and are a great place to make friends.

Only seniors over 50 are allowed in the chat rooms*.

*Those a little under 50 are allowed to join and chat at the discretion of the site.
    • Frankie Stratus's Avatar
    • New Ideas.....
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: sighhhhhhhhhhhh have said this loads of times !!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're keeping the rooms clean and tidy Mrs Doyle ;)...
    • Damian's Avatar
    • Strange
    • Is this a new version of gone with the wing ?
    • Wonda's Avatar
    • Live music in the chat rooms
    • Quote: Quote: Its been a while since I have seen any performers in the Music room, it it just a time difference thing (me being in...
    • weatherpoet's Avatar
    • Men private messaging women/me!
    • "I think a few of the posters reading this thread do not understand the differences between pms sent to your profile and...
    • whimsy112's Avatar
    • 234 and still going
    • Quote: Perhaps Mike should have a warning on the Buzz home page "beware of ella" and off course her buke...
    • Hughie's Avatar
    • Schedule
    • Hi Just little note.If Peeps Came into the music room last night,expecting me to be playing ..A big Sozzzzzz To YOU...
    • cathy's Avatar
    • When do you enter a room?
    • If I see two people in a room I do hesitate before I pop in but besides that I enter whenever I want…..I do like going...
    • Mike's Avatar
    • DAenied access to chat rooms
    • Try a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox or IE. It is usually a browser issue, often to do with popups.

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